Arch Brewing Co.

About the Brewery

An Arch is a classy looking structure that is strong and stable. It can be a doorway that welcomes you home. As an adjective, Arch means saucy, playfully roguish or mischievous. They hope you see them in all these ways.

They are a family business and they want you, their customer, to feel like you are part of their extended family. With your help, they can build a bigger and better Arch and have some fun along the way.

They’re aiming to be a proud and loving reflection of Ontario culture, quirks and all. They feel that the best medicine, besides beer, is to be able to laugh at ones’ self. They hope to create beers that feel comfortably at home here and maybe could come from nowhere else.

Contact:Arch Logo

110 Pony Drive, Unit 4
Newmarket, Ontario


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