Beau’s Farm Table Series Saison returns

Vankleek Hill, Ontario – Beau’s Brewing Co. is announcing the return of its Farm Table Series Saison, a refreshingly dry farmhouse ale. Saison was first introduced last summer, and proved itself quickly with a Best in Class win in its category at the 2017 Alberta Beverage Awards. It will be available in Ontario and Québec starting on March 15 in Beau’s signature 600 ml bottles, as well as on tap at select craft-friendly pubs and restaurants.

The allure of Saison rests in the counter-balance of its suggestive, complex yeast esters – peppery spice, with tropical fruit aromas – and its rather dry, brisk finish. “This style is meant to be refreshing and thirst-quenching,” says Beau’s head brewer Brian O’Donnell. “We brewed ours to be very dry, and also gave it a higher bitterness (27 IBUs) to accentuate that quality.”

Unfiltered and hazy, Saison pours a pale yellow with a dense white foam. Lively carbonation and low ABV (4.7 %) contribute to its sessionable character. Pineapple aroma intermingles with white pepper and classic farmhouse character, and the flavour is similarly peppery and fruity. Recommended service is a Toscana glass at 4-6 ºC.

A farmhouse ale, the Saison style originated in the Wallonia region of Belgium, where traditionally they were brewed for thirsty farmhands during harvest time. Saison pairs well with brined white cheeses like feta, or seafood such as shrimp or oysters.

Saison is part of Beau’s Farm Table Series, a collection of beers that showcases easy-to-enjoy interpretations of classic or emerging beer styles. The Farm Table Series launched in August of 2015 with Helles, a Bavarian-style blond lager. Since then, Beau’s has brewed a total of eighteen different Farm Table offerings, including the award-winning fall seasonal Märzen. 

Saison will be sold in Beau’s signature 600 ml bottles in Ontario at the brewery’s tap room and LCBO locations, in Québec dépanneurs and grocery stores, as well as on tap at select craft-friendly pubs and restaurants, beginning on March 15.

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