Beau’s release the latest installment in its Gruit Series – Lamb’s Wool

Vankleek Hill, Ontario – Ontario craft brewery Beau’s is releasing the latest installment in its Gruit Series, an apple and spice ale called Lamb’s Wool. It is made with barley malts and blended before fermentation with unfiltered organic juice from Québec orchard apples. Real cinnamon, whole cloves and organic yarrow add warming spice and act as natural preservatives to the beer.

Beau’s Gruit Series takes inspiration from a time before the Bavarian Purity Act that declared that all beer be made solely with barley, hops and water. In gruit ale, herbs, spices and other botanicals replace a dominant hop character, throwing open the door to experimentation. Each gruit in the series has a unique combination of ingredients and flavours.

With a history that dates back to Celtic pagan times, Lamb’s Wool typically combined ale, apple and spices. It is a traditional ‘wassail,’ and was consumed mid-winter as part of various traditions that included singing and visiting friends, or ceremonies intended to bring good fortune to homes and harvests in the year to come.

Lamb’s Wool pours copper with white foam. The aroma introduces a classic combo of apples and spice. The flavour is pleasantly tart and slightly warming, with fruit and pepper notes. The finish is clean and tangy. Beau’s Brewmaster Matthew O’Hara suggests pairing it with pan-seared scallops, organic pork chops, applewood smoked cheddar, or baked apple crisp.

A seasonal offering, Lamb’s Wool apple & spice gruit will be available this winter beginning Nov. 30 in Ontario and Québec, and will land in British Columbia and Alberta for early 2018.

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