Brand new Saison from Beau’s Farm Table Series and the return of Wag the Wolf

Vankleek Hill, Ontario – Beau’s is introducing a brand new Saison from Beau’s Farm Table Series, and the return of Wag the Wolf hopfenweisse.  The shared release date is set for Thursday, June 22 in Ontario and a wider release in other Canadian provinces and New York State to follow soon.

Saison is a style that is meant to be dry, refreshing and thirst-quenching,” says Beau’s head brewer Brian O’Donnell. “We brewed ours to be very dry, and gave it a high bitterness to accentuate that quality … our saison is a traditional take on the style.

Saison weighs in at a compact 4.7% ABV. Belgian Saison II yeast imparts those alluring earthy, peppery and spicy notes.

Beau’s first introduced Wag the Wolf in 2013 as part of its Wild Oats Series. The late-addition hopped unfiltered wheat beer — and its recognizable wolf logo with heterochromic eyes — would later find its place in the pack as a regular summer release for the independent craft brewery.

Wag The Wolf’s original recipe was developed by former Beau’s brewer (and now brewmaster at Halcyon Barrel House) Bryce McBain. “I designed Wag the Wolf around a particular hop, Motueka,” says McBain, “but when we couldn’t get that hop the next year, I had to go back to the recipe and experiment. Luckily, I think that effort made it an even better beer. And lesson learned: now I design a hop profile I want to achieve, rather than relying on a specific variety.”

You can find both beers in Ontario on tap, LCBO, craft-friendly grocery stores, Beau’s Brewery and  Wag the Wolf is also available at The Beer Store in Beau’s Mix Summer Edition.

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