Broadhead Brewing Sets Sail Fourth & Final of Experimental Series

Ottawa, Ontario –  This week Broadhead Brewing Company Ltd launches the fourth and final release in what has been quite an exciting Experimental Series of beers.

In the past weeks we’ve seen and tasted “Set Phasers to Smokin’ Bock” (smoked bock style beer), “Rye And Ginger” (ginger ale) and even a “Rockin’ Root Beer” (root beer) …It’s that time again as they unveil what the creative minds at Broadhead have created.

The brewing of “Yarrr!” was limited to just one single 750L batch and growlers of “Yarrr!” are now available for sale at the Broadhead Brewery while they last.

You can also enjoy this special limited release on tap at select locations in Ottawa.



Aroma: Vanilla, cinnamon, spice, citrus, malt
Appearance: Light brown
Flavour: Sweet, complex spicy
Mouthfeel: Light-medium body

ABV: 5.2%
SRM: 6
IBU: 8

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