Canned Beer to Boycott

Toronto, Ontario – What’s Brewin’ spoke to Lawrence Hay, the Servicing Staff Rep for United Steel Workers, about a strike involving the Crown Metal Packaging employees in Toronto.  Crown Metal makes cans for beer and food and in 2013 the Toronto plant won a corporate award for operating the most productive and safest plant in its North American manufacturing empire.  Then on September of 2013 the plant went on strike.

“Crown forced its employees out, we have taken Crown to the labour board and on the first day of the hearing the board recommended that the party’s sit down and talk” Hay said.   “So on January 27th and 28th we are scheduled to sit down and talk.”

Prior to the strike this plant was making 5 million cans a day for beer and food with the bulk of the beer cans for Labatt and Molson.  Hay also said this plant does not make any tall cans.

With crown bringing in non union workers (in late 2013) it seems like the employer is trying to force the employees out and break the union.  Hay has said they reached out to Premier Kathleen Wynne with no response.

The Bottles Not Cans boycott, supported by the Ontario Federation of Labour is asking the public to buy bottles and not cans.

On January 24th they will be leafleting beer and liquor stores across Ontario.  So look under a can before you buy it and if a crown symbol is there the Ontario Federation of Labour recommends you put it back.

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