Collective Arts Brewing announce summer beer line up

Hamilton, Ontario – Collective Arts Brewing have put their creativity to the test with their summer beer lineup. They’ve created three new beers that are coming your way beginning June 17th.  They’ll also be launching a new beer three Saturdays in a row at 11am at the brewery and will roll them out into Ontario bars, grocery, and LCBO the week following.

  1. JUNE 17 – GUAVA GOSE,  4.9% ABV, 12 IBU

    We take pride in tracking down the freshest ingredients to further our drinkers experience! Using our core Gose as a base, we added the freshest guava puree we could find and then let the brewers go to work. The end result was a perfect balance of tart, sweet, and sour. Expect the Pink Himalayan Salt and flowery guava to leave you refreshed and wanting more.
    Available: Brewery Store and Bars.

  2. JUNE 24 – IPA No. 3, 7.1 %ABV, 80 IBU

    As the third addition to our IPA project series, our brewers followed up with tracking down some super fresh Crystal & Citra hops! Adding the hops in the whirlpool and not the boil lets the hops do the talking. Crystal adds a beautiful earthy & woody backbone while Citra shines through balancing with notes of stone fruit, grapefruit and lime! 
    Available: LCBO, Brewery Store and Bars


    A mashup of 2 great minds. Brewmasters, Ryan Morrow (Collective Arts) and Phil Markowski (Two Roads Brewing) came together to brew our 2nd collaboration beer. A delicious New England style IPA using Chinook from Phil’s region, and Chinook from Ryan’s as well as Citra, Simcoe, and Olicana. 
    Available: Brewery Store and (Ontario)Bars

You won’t want to miss out on their limited-release Juniper & Lemon Cider coming July 8th.  For this new cider, they’ve taken their flagship Local Press and added Juniper and Lemon for a crisp and refreshing summer drink. The lemon, juniper, and fresh apple notes meld together harmoniously, and are reminiscent of a gin soaked granny smith. The pallet is light, bright and fresh.  This will be available at grocery stores and bars.

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