Forked River Brewing Company denied Expansion

London, Ontario – Forked River Brewing Company opened up in London in 2013 with the idea of making great beer and maybe getting bigger.  Well that time has come and now they have hit a snag with their new retail store.

They reviewed the documentation set out by the Alcohol and Gaming Commission of Ontario (AGCO) in the Brewery Retail Store Information Guide, they found that “the brewery retail store must be located on the same parcel of land as the production site of the manufacturer that holds the brewery retail store authorization.”
They had to look up this term ‘parcel of land’ and they found that, in fact, the entire building in which they rent their space occupies a single parcel of land. They desired to shift their retail sales location to another unit within the same building that had higher visibility for their customers. They selected Units 3 and 4 (see diagram below).

45_Pacific_Crt_-_Forked_River_smallThey were denied on the basis that their proposed retail space was “off-site”.

Forked River asking you, the people, to help them in their time of need. They have no way of knowing if political pressure or will could change decisions in their favour.  They are asking you to sign their petition here.

For more details click here.

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