Gary J. McMullen announces resignation from Big Rock Brewery board

CALGARYBig Rock Brewery Inc. (TSX: BR) (“Big Rock” or “the Corporation”) today announced the resignation of Gary J. McMullen from its Board, effective immediately.  This announcement comes 10 days after Board Chair, John Hartley had resigned from his position, due to personal reasons.

It was on August 21 of this year that Gary J. McMullen the founder, former president and owner of Muskoka Brewery was added to the Big Rock board.  At that time John Hartley former Board Chair of Big Rock had this to say, “The Board couldn’t be more pleased to have such a passionate and driven entrepreneur, founder and brewer join us.  Mr. McMullen has built a reputation as a leader who is passionate about people and beer and he will be a valued voice at Big Rock.”

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