Henderson Brewing Company launches the Ides of January

Toronto, Ontario – On Friday January 20th, Henderson Brewing Co. hosted a release party for the 9th in its monthly Ides Series. The event attracted a brewery packed of eager Ides Series fans who got to taste it first and hear about the story that inspired the brew.

The whole point of the Ides series was to let us be creative and have fun. Each month we have taken inspiration from Toronto history, the events around us, famous people, neighbourhood people and even the City itself. This month, how could we not look to the closing of the iconic landmark, Honest Ed’s for inspiration. Both the man and the building have been staples in the fabric of our city for the last 50 or so years.

Ed started from nothing. He built a landmark, rekindled Toronto’s theatre scene and gave Turkeys away every year. He once turned down an offer to put an Honest Ed’s in every Loblaws across the country saying: ‘I won’t know any of my employees because it’ll be too big. And I won’t know my customers. … It doesn’t sound like fun to me!” Ed was a great man. He worked hard, was good to people and had a hand in shaping Toronto.

The beer, called “The End of Honesty” was meant to be a cheap, cheerful and simple beer.  One that Ed himself might have stocked on the shelves of his famous store. The darkened ’N’ on the label was a nod to Ed, so that the beer can could actually read, “The Ed of Honesty.”

We called it an ‘add-junk’ lager because we used sugar, bought from Honest Ed’s, as an adjunct to the normal brewing ingredients.  So, every beer you drink has a little bit of Honest Ed’s in it. Cheers, Ed.
Henderson - the end of honesty
About the Ides Series
The Ides Series is a monthly beer brewed to bring a Toronto story to life. This 9th iteration follows May’s ‘Dear Toronto, You Suck, Love Vancouver’; June’s ‘Ride On, Radler’; July’s ‘Radicle Wheat’, August’s ‘Poké Mango Find Yourself’, Septembers ‘Anti-Submarine’, October’s ‘Rademüllers Refusal, November’s “Put your scarf on Geddy” and December’s “Operation Snowplow”. Full details of these beers can be found at hendersonbrewing.com
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