Lake of Bays and CFL Alumni Association Announce Partnership

Toronto & Baysville, Ontario – It was a veritable who’s who for football nostalgia buffs in Baysville Saturday, as Leo Ezerins of the CFL Alumni Association and Darren Smith of Lake of Bays Brewing Co. proudly announced plans to develop a series of collaboratively-produced football-themed beers.

“We are excited to have entered into a partnership with a craft brewery in general and with Lake of Bays in particular,” said Ezerins, Picture of CFL Alumni Association and Lake of Bays Brewing Companyexecutive director of the CFL Alumni Association. “This is going to be an exciting and fun experience for us, and for beer-loving football fans. I am also proud to tell you that a portion of proceeds from the sale of these beers will go to benefit the CFLAA Player Support Fund which assists former players and their families.”

“In just four years we have made a name for ourselves as brewers of great, all-natural Ontario craft beer,” said LB president Darren Smith. “We have been very successful at making and marketing endorsed sports-related beers. The CFL Alumni Association wanted to talk, and here we are, ready to kick-off a new line-up. “

The partnership was announced at a meet-and-greet held at the brewery on Saturday April 12. About 50 local residents came out to meet some of their football heroes and toast the deal.

The duo would like to share the fun and are looking for the public’s input in developing their beers. Please feel free to contact either group with your suggestions for beer names and styles or other great ideas. If you’re using social media, use the tag #namethatCFLAAbeer.

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