MPP Rinaldi Introduces Bill to Officially Proclaim Ontario Craft Beer Week

Toronto, Ontario – Lou Rinaldi, Member of Provincial Parliament for Northumberland Quinte West announced on Monday, in collaboration with Ontario Craft Brewers (OCB), the introduction of a bill to officially proclaim the third week in June as Ontario Craft Beer Week. Bill 107, The Craft Beer Week Act, passed 2nd reading debate in the legislature today and with all party support, was referred to the Standing Committee on Private Bills and Regulations.

“Ontario’s Craft Beer industry has seen tremendous growth in both sales and popularity. The careMPP_Lou Rinaldi and craftsmanship they put into their beer is recognized in the quality of products available. The Ontario Craft Brewers have worked very hard to establish their brand and high level of standards. I’m very encouraged to see all party support for this from all regions of the province,” Lou Rinaldi, M.P.P., Northumberland – Quinte West.

Ontario’s local, independently-owned craft beer industry has grown in popularity and has become an economic driver in communities right across Ontario, including in Northumberland Quinte West.

OCB breweries, such as Church-Key Brewery and William Street Beer Co. in Northumberland Quinte West, now directly employ well over 1,500 people in their breweries, which account for 30 per cent of all direct brewing industry jobs in Ontario, along with countless spin-off jobs in agriculture, manufacturing, packaging, and tourism throughout the province.

“Officially proclaiming Ontario Craft Beer Week is welcome news and the OCB applauds MPP Rinaldi and the Wynne government for its continued support of the local craft beer industry in Ontario by helping to raise awareness of the fresh, locally-owned, outstanding product made right across the province. The OCB will celebrate its 8th annual Ontario Craft Beer Week this year and we want to thank MPP Rinaldi for his work to officially proclaim the third week in June as Ontario Craft Beer Week. We thank Ontarians for supporting their local craft breweries and encourage them to celebrate Ontario Craft Beer Week by visiting their local brewery or pub to enjoy some of the best craft beer made anywhere in the world,” Garnet Pratt Siddall, Chair of the OCB and President and CEO, Side Launch Brewing Company.

The bill, if passed, will help officially recognize the incredible growth in the local craft beer industry in the past decade, and encourage Ontarians to discover local craft beer made by independentlyowned craft breweries, right in their own communities.

Locally-produced craft beer continues to be the fastest growing segment within the LCBO’s beer category, and in part through progressive and supportive Liberal government policy, has become a major player in Ontario’s alcohol beverage industry.

There are now over 500 unique brands that are currently produced by OCB members and other breweries. These beers, made from fresh, all natural ingredients follow classic brewing styles such as Pilsner, Vienna-style Lager, Nut Brown Ale, Bitters, Imperial Stout or new advanced styles like Hemp, Cranberry Wheat, Cask-conditioned Lager, Mead, Coffee Porter.

Ontario craft beer is handcrafted, made in small batches with lots of attention and care using locally sourced, all-natural pure ingredients with no additives or preservatives and using the brew masters’ own authentic special recipes.

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