Muskoka Brewery Ushers in Fall with All-Ontario Harvest Ale

Bracebridge, Ontario – For the first time in its history, Muskoka Brewery is releasing a beer brewed exclusively with ingredients farmed in Ontario. The first seasonal beer brewed by the company, Harvest Ale, is returning with new, all-Ontario ingredients this September.

This year’s Harvest Ale is truly a local brew, reflecting Muskoka Brewery’s commitment to Ontario suppliers and great tasting beer.

“At Muskoka Brewery, we’re passionate about supporting our local communities wherever possible,” says Todd Lewin, president, Muskoka Brewery. “We’ve been excited to create a beer brewed 100% with ingredients from our home province for some time, and it makes sense that Harvest Ale, a beer with a big focus on the harvesting of quality ingredients, is our first release.

Harvest Ale features:

  • Rye and Wheat Malt (sourced from Harvest Hop and Malt, Puslinch)
  • AC Meltcalfe, Pale Ale and AC Newdale Pale Ale Malts (sourced from Barn Owl Malt, Belleville)
  • Cascade, Rakau, Newport, Glacier and Centennial Hops (sourced from Tavistock Hop Company, Tavistock)

Harvest Ale will be among the beers featured at Evergreen’s Feast On BBQ – a celebration of Ontario local food and drinks at Evergreen Brickworks in Toronto on October 14.  Ten Feast On certified chefs will serve up local and sustainable Ontario-inspired fare, perfectly paired with Muskoka beers.

Harvest Ale is available in 473mL tall cans at the LCBO, the Beer Store, select grocery stores and at the Brewery (located in Bracebridge). Harvest Ale will also be on draught at select bars and restaurants across the province.

In addition to the return of Harvest Ale, Muskoka Brewery is releasing a variety of new beers and packaging:

RaspBeery Coco Lait
A milk stout featuring velvety chocolate notes, sweet roasted toffee malts and a juicy raspberry kick.  Available on draught at select bars and restaurants, in 473mL single tall cans at the Brewery and as part of the Winter Survival Pack – a 6 pack of cans that includes Craft Lager, Detour, Cream Ale, Mad Tom, and Winterweiss.

Venture Off the Beaten Pack
A new combo-pack featuring 12 bottles of Detour, Craft Lager, Cream Ale and Mad Tom.  Available exclusively at the Beer Store and Muskoka Brewery.

A seasonally brewed Dunkelweizen, a dark wheat beer with notes of clove and banana.  Along with being included in the Winter Survival Pack in 473mL cans, Winterweiss will be available in 8 packs at the Beer Store, on draught at select bars and restaurants and in single 473mL cans at the Brewery.

Shinnicked Stout
An oatmeal stout infused with coffee, brewed in collaboration with local coffee company, Muskoka Roastery, using its signature Lumberjack blend.  Available in 473mL cans at the LCBO, 8 packs at the Beer Store, on draught at select bars and restaurants in select grocery stores.

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