Ontario Craft Brewers welcomes craft beer passport aboard as associate supplier member

Toronto, Ontario – Ontario Craft Brewers (OCB) welcomes Craft Beer Passport (CBP) as the association’s inaugural Associate Member through a program launched in June that offers industry stakeholders fresh opportunities through unique initiatives.

CBP, which comes on board as an Associate Supplier Member, provides discounted access and stewardship to local craft beer communities using a mobile application.

“The Associate Membership Program was developed to create mutually-beneficial partnerships between the OCB and craft beer-affiliated businesses,” says Scott Simmons, President of Ontario Craft Brewers. “We want to support all aspects of the Ontario craft beer industry and Craft Beer Passport is a creative, forward-thinking company that represents the ideal Associate Supplier Member.”

Whether an organization is looking to supply products or services to OCB members, or is an educational institution or government-related organization, this membership may be of interest and value, based on a range of outreach promotions and benefits.

“Craft Beer Passport is excited to join Ontario Craft Brewers as an Associate Member,” says Mike Stulberg, Founder of Craft Beer Passport. “We’re looking forward to working with OCB to drive more beer lovers into the bars and breweries that pour Ontario craft beer.”

The smartphone application allows users to access a 12oz craft beer for $2 (the legal minimum price) at local bars and breweries. When visiting a participating establishment, users can choose from a list of 3 or more beers available to Passport holders, pay $2, and then have the server digitally stamp their ‘passport.’ The mobile app also includes a directory feature, a custom map, bar profiles, referral codes, and the ability to send gifts to other users.

“The Craft Beer Passport helps us attract beer drinkers from all over the city and province. All breweries could benefit from working with Craft Beer Passport because the program guides interested beer drinkers into brewery taprooms,” says Steve Himel, General Manager at Henderson Brewing Company. “It’s a ‘no brainer’ – the cost and risk are virtually zero and the potential upside of a bunch of new customers is very attractive!

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