Sawdust City Brewing to install new micro-wastewater treatment solution

Gravenhurst, Ontario – Sawdust City Brewing Company, is partnering with Toronto-based ECONSE Water Purification Systems Inc. to install the first BRÜ CLEAN SYSTEM to treat their brewery wastewater onsite.

Situated in picturesque Gravenhurst, Ontario, the Gateway to Muskoka, Sawdust City Brewing Company is an exciting part of the region’s culture and industry as the trend for craft and artisanal food and beverages continues to grow in Ontario.  Sawdust City Brewing Company is taking the lead in responsible water management by adopting a revolutionary new, chemical-free, micro-wastewater treatment solution that will help protect the 80 plus Lakes that are located within Gravenhurst.

“All of us who live in Muskoka know that our water is a precious resource,” says Rob Engman, President of Sawdust City Brewing Company. “Sustainability in all of our operations is a top priority. Wastewater management is the most crucial issue facing the craft brewing industry in Ontario. We are proud that our company is taking a leadership position through our partnership with The BRÜ CLEAN SYSTEM by Econse.”

By treating their wastewater on-site, Sawdust City is helping to reduce the burden on the District of Muskoka’s Municipal Wastewater Treatment Plant (WWTP), thereby saving the District money and energy by solving the problem at source, where it costs significantly less to treat compared to treatment at the WWTP.  The District of Muskoka has been supportive in the development of this project and encouraged Sawdust City to investigate and adopt their own on-site treatment.

“My suggestion to others considering wastewater treatment is to start planning now, consult other breweries on their plans and consider your brewery’s goals,” comments Engman.  “We selected The BRÜ CLEAN SYSTEM because we liked that the system is an on-site solution that will accommodate not only our immediate needs but is equipped to handle the requirements of our long-term growth.”

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