Sextant Craft Brewery launches in Toronto

Toronto, Ontario – After spending the latter part of 2015 on recipe development, Sextant Craft Brewery has launched in Toronto with its inaugural offering, Sextant Pale Ale.

Born out of an appreciation for good beer and a love of travel, Sextant Craft Brewery is the brainchild of husband and wife team Dave Wingfelder and Cindy Eveline. As avid travelers, Dave and Cindy have enjoyed local beers from all over the world and felt that now was the time to merge their sense of adventure with the Craft Beer Revolution taking place in Ontario and enhance the local beer offering.

Sextant Craft Brewery will focus on creating distinctive yet easy drinking ales that will satisfy the discerning craft beer drinker and captivate the craft beer novice.



Dave Wingfelder commented, “We chose the Sextant to represent our brand because it calls out to the explorer in all of us. Just as old world explorers and navigators relied on their sextants and looked to the stars as set out on their journeys, Sextant Craft Brewery wants to take the Toronto beer drinker on their own adventure by exploring the “New World” of premium craft beer.”

SEXTANT PALE ALE, the brewery’s debut offering is a 4.9% ale at 43 IBU and is described as follows:

“Our take on the quintessential American Pale Ale. It offers a burst of citrus and pine on the nose and the finish is marked by a crisp yet moderate bitterness courtesy of an abundance of Cascade hops. Golden pale in colour, it’s refreshing and well-balanced making it the ideal beer to accompany you and your friends on your next adventure.”

The brewery currently has two other beers under development, a Blonde Ale and an India Session Ale which it hopes to introduce to the market early this summer.

Sextant Craft Brewery is currently brewing its beer under contract and plans to do so through the busy summer season, after which it plans to develop a 20 hectolitre brewery in West Toronto.

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