Split Rail Brewing expands product line to include craft sodas

Gore Bay, Ontario – Split Rail Brewing has expanded to include craft sodas at their brewery – Hawberry-Black Bherry Soda . Manufacturing alcohol-free beverages in addition to Split Rail’s hugely successful beer brands, including Hawberry Ale, Copper Lager and Loon Song Oats Stout, fulfills the second tier of Split Rail’s business plan.

Image Courtesy of Split Rail – Facebook

Made at the brewery, this is a non-alcoholic soda made with Manitoulin Hawberries and naturally sweetened with Manitoulin Maple Syrup from Maple Ridge Farm

Limited run craft sodas will be on tap at Split Rail’s retail store starting this spring and will roll out in packaged ‘take-home’ format in the fall.

Read the full story on The Manitoulin Expositor.

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