Stamp Hammer Oak Aged Amber Lager on LCBO shelves soon

Baysville, Ontario – Lake of Bays Brewing have announced their Stamp Hammer Oak Aged Amber Lager will be on LCBO shelves next week.

Stamp Hammer has become their new autumn seasonal, replacing 10 Point IPA.  Up until this year, 10 Point IPA was one of Lake of Bays seasonal beer releases, but due to its popularity, it is now available in 473ml cans year round.

Lake of Bays - Stamp HammerStamp Hammer Oak Aged Amber Lager – retains the light body of its paler brethren while delivering a deeper dark fruit flavour as an Amber. The burnt orange liquid offers a soft and earthy flavour to pair your favourite hearty autumnal meal. (6.5% alc/vol, 20 IBUs)

Stamp Hammers were used in logging days of yore to make timber marks on logs and lumber. Wood aging makes its unique mark on this medium-bodied amber lager by way of its complex but mellow flavour and smooth finish.

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