Steam Whistle Pledges to Donate 50% of Profits to the Downie Wenjack Fund in February

Toronto, Ontario – In an effort to support national projects that build positive relationships between Indigenous and non-Indigenous people, Steam Whistle Brewing has pledged to donate 50% of all profits from beer sales during the month of February to the Downie Wenjack Fund.

Like countless Canadians, Steam Whistle’s staff were inspired by the late artist and activist Gord Downie, and his final studio album Secret Path, which centred around the story of Chanie Wenjack. Steam Whistle felt that Wenjack’s story illustrated the need to work together as Canadians to build a more inclusive and united

country, and in partnering with the Downie Wenjack Fund, they will be supporting this initiative.

“Our goal is to carry on the conversation Gord started by raising awareness amongst Canadians and draw attention to a cause as Canadians we feel passionate about,” states Tim McLaughlin, Director of Marketing at Steam Whistle Brewing. “We hope it inspires a positive change in attitudes and actions.”

In addition to the donation, Steam Whistle Brewing will be hosting a special screening of Secret Path on Sunday, February 25th from 1-4pm. Steam Whistle has also committed to launching a Downie Wenjack Legacy Space within the next year, highlighting their long term commitment and support of the Downie Wenjack Fund beyond the month of February.

The Downie Wenjack Fund is part of Gord Downie’s legacy and embodies his commitment, and that of both the Downie and Wenjack families, to call Canadians to learning and action in solidarity with Indigenous peoples of this land. In partnering with Steam Whistle Brewing, the fund hopes to provide an opportunity for Steam Whistle consumers to learn more, and inspire them to contribute to our path towards reconciliation.

“Reconciliation is a shared Canadian challenge – we’re all in this together,” said Mike Downie, co-founder of the Downie Wenjack Fund. “This initiative from Steam Whistle Brewing will create an opportunity to reach more Canadians and perhaps inspire them to walk this path towards reconciliation with us.”

To learn more about the Downie Wenjack Fund and ReconciliACTION, programs click here.

Any bar or restaurant across Canada offering Steam Whistle will automatically be a participant in this initiative. Donations to the Downie Wenjack Fund can also be made directly here.

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