Steam Whistle’s to open Biergarten and new event space in early spring

Toronto, Ontario – Steam Whistle’s Biergarten and new event space is slated to open to the public in early spring 2019.

The John Street Roundhouse home of Steam Whistle Brewing and Steam Whistle Biergarten was built in 1929 and is unique to Canada as it is one of the only remaining steam locomotive repair facilities.  The building is comprised of 32 engine bays laid out in a radius to make up the buildings nature “round” structure.   Steam Whistle Brewing occupies bay 1-14.  The Biergarten will be located in bay 4-9 with the main entrance located off of bay 8.

The Biergarten takes inspiration from the European beer gardens and beer halls of great cities such as Munchin Germany. The atmosphere and vibe is one that is not inclusive but rather one that promotes openness and sharing.  Traditionally a Beer Hall is attached to a fully functioning brewery, something that we have come to know as a brewpub in North America. 

The menu will consist of three main categories; Mains, Sides and Sharables, prepared with precision technique to provide layers of flavour and adopting cooking techniques new and old. Traditional dishes such as schweinshaxe brined for 24hr, cooked sous vid for 24hr, deep fried for crisp crackle and kissed on the open flame for an added depth of flavour. Roasted chicken, brined and slow cooked to perfection.  Traditional schnitzel and a selection of Bavarian-inspired sausages, weisswurst, Nurnberger bratwurst and authentic bratwurst.  The menu will also consist of a selection of vegan versions of the traditional menu to suit all our guest dietary lifestyles.

Image Courtesy of Steam Whistle

Part of the Steam Whistles renovation project is a new 7200 sq ft event space.  Bays 12-14 have been refreshed and dedicate three unobstructed train bays for the use of large scale community special events, such as fundraisers, weddings, concerts and functions dedicated to the Arts. Don Loucks with Metropolitan Designs has provided the design team with a highly knowledgeable understanding of the existing construction and advised on the integration of the new design strategies.

The beverage program will consist of Steam Whistle Pilsner [Filltered and Unfilltered] as well as Steam Whistle’s sister brand Von Bugle served in 1L Steins, 20oz servings will also be available.  Wine selection showcasing the noble traditional grape of the German reign, the Riesling.  Basic bar rail will also be available with a selection of speciality crafted cocktails.

This new space will have a 100 seat interior and a 50 seat patio. Doors to this new addition will be opening this spring.

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