StoneHammer comes to a head under new owners

Guelph, Ontario – Phillip and Lesley Woodhouse know not to mess with success.

The Guelph-area duo are drawing on premium, multiple award-winning beer brands and a nimble, consumer-attentive approach under a new label – StoneHammer Brewing – to generate greater demand and market reach.

The new owners made a point to retain all of the company’s (formerly F&M Brewery) dedicated employees and to empower Brew Master George Eagleson to create new and exciting beers.

“We believe that, if you bring great people together who are passionate about their craft, they will create amazing beer,” says partner Phillip Woodhouse. They are dedicated to extending the reach of flagship brands such as StoneHammer Dark, Pilsner, Light, Pale Ale and Oatmeal Coffee Stout. “It’s beer you love by people you can trust.”

StoneHammer Brewing is committed to:

–  creating, promoting and distributing quality, innovative beer made with passion by local people
–  generating special, distinctive one-off beers
–  providing seasonal beers such as Maple Red (available in early March).

“Brew Master George is working on a special brew now to inaugurate this exciting new era of the brewery’s history,” says Lesley Woodhouse. “And we’re working on a launch party to introduce newest StoneHammer creation to our loyal and growing number of fans. Watch for it.”

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