Underdog’s Brewhouse announces new company name: All or Nothing Brewhouse

Oshawa, Ontario – Today, Underdog’s Brewhouse announced that it is rebranding itself as All or Nothing Brewhouse. Since 2014, the company has worked tirelessly to establish Underdog’s as the source for premium craft wheat beer in Ontario. Underdog’s has been overwhelmed at the positive reception from bars, restaurants, LCBOs and Beer Stores and, most importantly, the people drinking their beer. As of today, their Hopfenweisse is available in over 400 retail and licensee locations, with more being added every week. The company is also in the middle of planning the construction of a bricks-and-mortar brewery, and perfecting their next delicious beer recipe.

“We originally decided on the name Underdog’s Brewhouse because it represented who we were in the All of Nothing LogoCanadian beer market” said co-founder Jeff Dornan “Facing seemingly insurmountable obstacles, including long-established macro-brands with limitless marketing budgets, we knew we had an uphill battle ahead of us. However, we also knew that through creative marketing, a careful attention to quality and detail, and sheer hard work, these hurdles could be overcome, and the Underdog would rise to the top. We put our dukes up, and came out swinging. We gave it our all.”

During the company’s first year of business, a fellow craft brewery served a Statement of Claim, alleging that the name “Underdog” violated a trademark that brewery had been using for a few years. It should be noted that prior to establishing the company, all necessary steps for ensuring that no Underdog trademark was already registered were conducted.

Rather than spend countless hours and dollars squabbling in lawyers’ offices and court rooms, the Dornans have decided to focus on what they do best: making outstanding wheat beers and delivering excellent service to their customers. Co-founder Eric Dornan said “We got into the brewing business because it’s something we believe in one hundred percent, something we can put our entire focus into. We want to create a new brand identity that reflects those values, and All or Nothing is the perfect way to do that. We don’t need to fight over who gets to call themselves the Underdog.”

All or Nothing will continue to be represented by its beloved mascot, Cornelius. A gentleman and a boxer, Cornelius is never afraid of a fight, but knows that sometimes it is better to take the high road. He is strong but refined, just as All or Nothing Hopfenweisse is bold yet approachable, complex but refreshing. He stands at the ready, his dukes up but his mustache impeccably groomed. And in every instance, he goes in with an All or Nothing attitude. He will continue to grace the company’s cans, cases, tap handles and merchandise, signaling to consumers a consistency in product quality. The new brand will also continue to be identified by the bold yellow and black colour palette, standing out in increasingly-crowded retail shelves.

All or Nothing Brewhouse would like to thank everyone who has supported its growth and success so far, and will continue to do so in the future. Said Eric: “With yet another obstacle behind us, the path ahead is clearer than ever. We promise to continue delivering the beers you’ve come to love, and new favorites for years to come.”

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