Upper Thames Brewing Company to open in June

Woodstock, Ontario – Upper Thames Brewing Company will begin operations June 1, 2016 in Woodstock. The partners of Moe Morris, Chad Paton, Frank Raso, Josh Bowes and Carl Bloomfield are all local beer enthusiasts and entrepreneurs, anticipating a high demand for the high quality, locally sourced product.

Upper Thames Owners

All of the beer will be brewed on premises at 225 Bysham Park Drive in the cities north-east end. The location is very conducive to the brewing process and possible future expansion.

“Craft breweries are locally owned, support local farmers, and the brewers are true artisans creating works of art in liquid form.” – Moe Morris

Upper Thames Brewing will serve as a production facility providing beer to local bars and restaurants, a retail outlet where customers can purchase and take their beer home, and a tap room where patrons can sample a number of beers produced in house.

They anticipate having the following beers at launch: a friendly, drinkable scotch-ale, a Belgian wheat beer, an English pale ale, a brown ale and a few interesting seasonal craft beers throughout the year.

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