Walkerville Brewery

About the Brewery

The brewery occupies an 18,000 square foot building once known as “Surge Plant 16” and is located only blocks away from the original Walkerville Brewing Company established in 1890.

Walkerville Brewery aims to be the social fabric of its community by creating a culture that best exemplifies their community-minded conscience. Through the development and creation of quality lagers and ales, they aim to identify then satisfy the needs of their diverse target markets. By handcrafting unique styles in small batches using only the highest quality barley, hops and pure water, they will deliver fresh quality beers to their customers. Operating under high quality assurance standards, professional production, outstanding sales support and market deliverables, they aim to grow their market from its core of Windsor/Essex and develop outward as demand dictates.

Their sole mission is to provide their customers with regionally produced beer, handcrafted in small batches using the highest quality barley, hops, water and yeast to ensure fresh, natural beer crafted with superior workmanship.

Contact:Walkerville Brewery Logo

525 Argyle Rd.
Windsor, Ont
N8Y 4Z8


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