Waller St and Brasserie Du-Bas Canada release of The French Connection

Ottawa, Ontario – Waller St Brewing, in conjunction with the soon to be open Brasserie Du-Bas Canada, are pleased to announce the release of The French Connection.

This grisette comes in at 4.7 % abv and 20 IBU. It is brewed with European hops along with French and Belgian yeast. Their interpretation of this Belgian saison style respects the light, refreshing purpose of this style of beer. Blonde and cloudy the grisette finishes off dry, perfect for the summer heat. The compliment of yeast and hops give French Connection pleasant spice notes and an herbal aroma.

Join them at the brewery at 14 Waller St on June 25th at 3:00pm where French Connection will be available by the pint as well as in the retail shop in 750mL bottles.
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