149 restaurants and pubs across Ontario featuring Beau’s feBREWary beers & events

Vankleek Hill, Ontario –  Beau’s All Natural Brewing is excited to announce a record-setting 149 licensee partners in 37 towns and cities for the 4th annual edition of feBREWary, a month-long winter beer celebration hosted by the local craft brewery. Festivities kick off the weekend of January 31/February 1, and include a different Beau’s beer tapped each week all month long at each participating restaurant and pub, as well as beer-themed events across the province.

“Winter’s too long to just hide out at home under a blanket and wait for the season to change,” says Beau’s co-founder, Steve Beauchesne. “We created feBREWary to get people excited and give them a really good reason to get out of hibernation mode: meeting up with friends and trying some tasty new beers every week.”

A list of all participating restaurants and pubs is available at www.beaus.ca/feBREWary. Planned event highlights for the month include:

  • Jan 30: The Elmdale’s OG Hip Hop Karaoke, Ottawa, ON
  • Feb. 1: International Gruit Day Tap Features @ Bryden’s & The Only Café, Toronto, ON
  • Feb. 1: Moose McGuire’s feBREWary sampling (+Superbowl), Ottawa, ON
  • Feb. 7: Cheshire Cat feBREWary Board Game Day, Carp, ON
  • Feb. 8: Beer Brunch @ TwoSixAte, Ottawa, ON
  • Feb. 12: “Strong Paddy’s” Warm Up Party @ Darcy McGee’s Sparks St, Ottawa, ON
  • Feb. 17: A St. Paddy’s Practice Day @ Monarch Tavern, Toronto, ON
  • Feb. 18: Urban Pantry “Meet the Brewer” Beer Dinner, Uxbridge, ON
  • Feb. 19: Beer Dinner @ The Branch w/ Steve Beauchesne, Kemptville, ON
  • Feb. 22: Le Cœur Noir Black Tie Dinner and Bowling, Ottawa, ON
  • Feb. 23: Urban Element Beer Dinner, Ottawa, ON
  • Feb. 23: Bowman’s Beer Dinner, Ottawa, ON
  • Feb. 26: B-Side Brewing Launch Party + Karaoke @ The Garrison, Toronto, ON
  • March 1: B-Side Brewing Launch Party @ Gabba Gabba Hey, Ottawa, ON

To add to the excitement, one of the new feBREWary beers is being kept a secret until the end of the month. It’s the newest release from B-Side Brewing Label (www.b-side.ca), a record-label-for-beer concept launched in 2013. The label signs internationally renowned craft brewer “artists” to create new beer recipes which are brewed at Beau’s and made available fresh for the local market. The new B-Side brewery (and beer) will be revealed during the last week of feBREWary, and the mystery brewers will be on hand to pour their new creation at launch events in Toronto and Ottawa, as well as at Beau’s brewery over the final weekend of feBREWary.

On sale through Groupon are a limited number of bus trip packages to Beau’s brewery in Vankleek Hill, Ont. for each weekend in feBREWary: departures are from Montréal and Ottawa, both Saturday and Sunday, and the package cost is $10 per person. Each package includes round trip bus transportation, a brewery tour with 4 beer samples, and a $10 gift card redeemable at the brewery’s onsite retail store. Details about each of the new beers (except the mystery B-Side beer) and links to the Groupons are also up on www.beaus.ca/feBREWary.

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