5 Paddles Brewing Company

About the Brewery

A lot of people ask them where the name 5 Paddles Brewing Company came from.  After bantering about potential brewery names for a few weeks, they came up with the name based on all of them having a hand, or mash paddle for that matter, in the brewing process.  All five of them are brewers and are active in the direction of the brewery, the recipes that they create and the actual brewing process and it is for these reasons that they are called 5 Paddles Brewing Company.

Due to their small batch size, they have the flexibility to experiment with the types of beer they brew.  So, be prepared for lots of different flavours and styles to continue to hit their shelves!  They have sampling on-site as well as sales of beer.


1390 Hopkins Street, Unit #3
Whitby, Ontario
L1N 2C3


What’s Brewin’ Original Content:

5 Paddles Brewing Company Feature
What’s Brewin’ visited 5 Paddles Brewing Company in Durham Region for a behind the scenes tour.

5 Paddles Brewing Company Promo
What’s Brewin’ visits 5 Paddles Brewing Company.

5 Paddles Brewing Grand Opening Trailer
What’s Brewin’ was in Durham Region and had a little fun with the guys from 5 Paddles Brewing.
Grand opening was on June 15, 2013.

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