A Conversation with Geoff Tait about the launch of Hurry Hard Amber Lager

Toronto, Ontario –  Founded in 2015 and brewed in Toronto, Hurry Hard Amber Lager is a 5% alc. beer that is available in tall cans, on tap at select locations and soon to be at the LCBO.  Hurry Hard is the second beer from the company that produces Triple Bogey lager and is launching just as the curling season approaches.

Hurry Hard LogoWhat’s Brewin’ spoke to Geoff Tait who brought you Triple Bogey premium lager about his newest beer – Hurry Hard.

Geoff where can we expect to find Hurry Hard right now?


Since the success of Triple Bogey what can we expect Hurry Hard to taste like and I’ve heard you have some big guns from the curling world on board?


How have you found the last year as you grow the business and now add a second beer?


Now that you’ve launched the new beer what does the next couple months look like for you?



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