A Conversation With George Milbrandt of C’est What

Toronto, ON – In 2011, the owner of Toronto Brewpub & Restaurant, C’est What, participated in a round of consultations to change the Liquor Control Act and presented a case for sales from already licensed establishments. It didn’t get too far at that time, but it looks as though the seeds planted by George Milbrandt at the CRA may have sprouted.

Recently, the Provincial Government announced plans to allow the sale of beer and wine in select grocery stores. While this appears to be a positive move by regulators, Milbrandt still feels more could be done. He’s pushing for “Take-Home Sales” of Ontario beer and wine through licensed bars and restaurants.

Milbrandt is also suggesting that regualtors look at “wholesale pricing” as a way to increase economic activity within the hospitality industry.

There is also a case to be made for lowering the Legal Drinking Age to match the “Age of Majority”. Milbrandt explains that lowering the Legal Drinking Age is not only the right thing to do, but it’s also the fair thing to do.

Lastly, what can we as consumers do to help push for positive change? Well, according to Milbrandt, while the answer may not be easy, it is very simple: Stop supporting The Beer Store.

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