All or Nothing Brewhouse announce the purchase of Trafalgar Ale’s & Meads

Oshawa, Ontario – All or Nothing Brewhouse, is excited to announce the purchase of Trafalgar Ale’s & Meads and its sister companies – Black Creek Historic Brewery and Trafalgar Artisanal Distillery based in Oakville, Ontario.

This acquisition allows All or Nothing Brewhouse to immediately evolve from its contract brewing roots to a bricks and mortar facility. According to company Co-Founder, Eric Dornan, “This move gives All or Nothing a new place to call home, where the company can experiment and expand its product portfolio”.

All or Nothing will be making significant capital investments into the existing Oakville location through the installation of a state-of-the-art automated canning line as well as additional fermentation tanks to expand production capacity.

“By acquiring an already talented and award winning brewery, All or Nothing has an additional leg up in the hyper competitive craft brewing industry,” says co-founder Jeff Dornan.

The future looks bright for both All or Nothing Brewhouse and the Trafalgar Group of Companies.  By joining forces, All or Nothing will become one of the few breweries to produce craft beer, ciders, meads and even craft distilled spirits, all under one roof.  All or Nothing is committed to delivering exceptional quality and build on the 23 years of brewing excellence Trafalgar has shown the Canadian market.

Image Courtesy of All or Nothing Brewhouse

Image Courtesy of All or Nothing Brewhouse

About All or Nothing Brewhouse

All or Nothing gives it their all in pursuit of becoming Canada’s #1 craft wheat beer producer.  The company was founded in 2014 as a contract brewery based out of Oshawa, Ontario. Co-Owners/Brothers Jeff and Eric Dornan ventured away from archaic Bavarian brewing laws to bring fresh new flavours to beer-lovers across Ontario. All or Nothing’s flagship Hopfenweisse is now distributed province-wide in over 550 locations. Expect more unconventional wheat beer creations from All or Nothing as it unleashes the potential of Canada’s #1 crop.

About Trafalgar Ales & Meads

Trafalgar Ales & Meads was founded in 1993 by Mike Arnold, and has grown to be a unique gem in the Canadian brewing landscape. In its 12,000 sq/ft facility, the brewery produces a variety of craft beer, cider, meads and artisanal spirits onsite. Trafalgar is a pioneer of innovation by offering a diverse range of beers in its portfolio. The brewery is decorated with many awards throughout its history, including the LCBO’s Elsie Award for Marketing Innovation in 2000, Canadian Agri-Food Award of Excellence for Innovation in 2004 and recently in 2015 winning 7 Ontario Brewing Awards and “New brewer of the year”.

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