Beaches Brewing closes brewpub location

Toronto, Ontario – Canadian Beers News has reported that Beaches Brewing in Toronto has closed the doors to their brewpub. Beaches Brewing released the statement below via their Instagram page.

Dear Beaches Community,

Our hearts are heavy today.

By now I’m sure most of you have seen that we have been locked out of our Brew Pub that we put so much time and heart into.

With the extremely high price of rent in the neighbourhood, the slow traffic through January and February, and not being able to jump through provincial loopholes quick enough to begin retail sales and production, we have not been able to build up the coffers required to survive the low season. Sadly, while we thought we had successfully been negotiating with our landlords so that we could pay our hard working staff and make it to the busier summer months, the negotiations failed. Although we would like to be a part of the Easter Parade, Jazzfest and the rest of the summer, the impact of COVID-19 leaves serious doubt in the sustainability of continuing the hospitality portion of Beaches Brewing.

This brewpub was a passion project, and came to fruition through a lot of financial support given by friends and family. It goes without saying that being locked out without notice today was beyond devastating for us, especially when we were just about to enter the high season and get our feet under us.

We would like to thank all of the patrons that have come in over the past 6 months. Your support kept us going as long as we did. We always tried to put our best product out there for you, and when items didn’t work on the menu we listened and changed. We love this neighbourhood and really wanted to succeed.

We truly hope that we can find the resources required to be here and serve the Beaches community for the summer. Our production brewery operations; sales in the LCBO, The Beer Store, other restaurants, and overall licensee distribution and sales will continue. Find us in the LCBO, Beer Store or your local pub and continue to support the brand as you did there in the past!

With much love, please continue supporting us outside of the restaurant,

The Beaches Brewpub Team

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