Beau’s All Natural Brewing Co.

About the Brewery

The brewery is their second family. Which is why it makes so much sense that they included most of their first family and friends in it – otherwise things would get confusing! They started Beau’s with a mandate to be a very unique and integral part of Eastern Ontario.

To do this it was important first and foremost to create unique and wonderful beer. Their decisions to focus on quality, organic beer are really at the heart of what they are known for.

Over a short time they have been humbled by winning a slew of awards from certified beer competitions, popular-vote competitions and excellence in business practice awards. They have garnered the attention of international beer writers and local bloggers.

But that wasn’t enough to truly stand out. They have embraced sustainability and strive to become environmental stewards. They take great pride in their community and give back with an impressive track record for supporting charitable works, community building, human rights and indie arts.

They actively search out the best that other craft breweries have to offer and they are tireless supporters of the craft brewing renaissance. They trade for beer with customers. When their employees go on a trip, they send them out with beer to bring other breweries and a wish list of beer to bring back. Every trip to anywhere starts with a search for the local breweries en route. They are fans of good beer as much as they are brewers of good beer.

They’re fiercely independent. Their beer and their brewery is a labour of love from start to finish. There were no deep pockets behind them when they launched and there aren’t any now either. Their success is derived from hard work, unbridled passion and the support from customers who appreciate these qualities and a well made beer.

While they take great care in making the best beer possible, they don’t take themselves too seriously. They go out of their way to take any pretense out of their beer. They believe in rustic, natural quality over fancy-pants snobbery. Their marketing and branding efforts try to reinforce this and they choose to market by talking to folks instead of blaring messages through mass-market advertising.

In short, they’re a local, family-run, award winning, organic and totally DIY brewery.


10 Terry Fox Drive
Vankleek Hill, Ontario
PO BOX 279
K0B 1R0





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