Beau’s All Natural Kicks off 2014 Summer Kiva Campaign

Ottawa, Ontario –  At Beau’s All Natural they believe that good beer can change the world, which led to them discovering Kiva in 2010. Kiva ( is a non-profit organization that lets you lend money to people who are living in poverty, but have a business idea for a way to make their lives better. Kiva uses a network of microfinance institutions to connect smart, hard-working entrepreneurs all over the world with those of us who have some dollars to lend.

With as little as $25 (USD), you can browse entrepreneurs and business ideas online at, and choose a person, group or cause meaningful to you to lend your dollars to. For example your $25 can help buy opening stock for a new shop or food cart, help small farms nourish crops and feed livestock, or help parents send their teenager to school. Once issued, your loan is repaid to you on a set repayment schedule by the borrower*, and when the repayment is complete, you can loan it out again to someone new.

Sound cool? Well then we’d love you to join the Beau’s lending team on Kiva!

Beau’s raised $8,000 at 2013’s Beau’s Oktoberfest for investing into Kiva loans, and decided the best (and most fun!) way to divvy it out was with the help of friends. Starting June 5, 2014 the first 300 new loans made by Beau’s Kiva team members this summer will be fund-matched with an additional $25 loan from us. You can sign up for Kiva at, and then join our lending team at:

*Psst — Kiva loans currently have a 98.84% success rate of repayment, but they are not guaranteed risk-free. Read their explanation of why loans might not get repaid before you join:

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