Beau’s brings back 2 fan-favourite beers for limited-time LCBO release

Ottawa, Ontario – The wait is over for fans of two special beers from local craft brewery Beau’s All Natural: both Wag the Wolf hopfenweisse and Matt’s Sleepy Time Belgian-style imperial stout have been released for sale this week at LCBO stores across the province. Wag the Wolf is a generously hopped wheat beer with big aromas of citrus and tropical fruit. Matt’s Sleepy Time, on the other hand, is a strong, oak-aged stout brewed with Belgian yeast, with tastes of coffee, chocolate and vanilla, and a lingering warmth on the finish. Both beer releases are in Beau’s signature 600 ml bottles, and retail for $7.85 apiece.

Wag the Wolf and Matt’s Sleepy Time are part of the Wild Oats Series from Beau’s: beers designed with the intention to explore bold flavours and exciting aromas, and to challenge the palate of the drinker. Wag the Wolf was first brewed as a Wild Oats offering in spring 2013; Matt’s Sleepy Time has the unique distinction of being the very first Wild Oats recipe ever brewed, in 2010. Like all Beau’s releases, both beers are certified organic.

Wag the Wolf is a weissbeer (wheat beer) that has been generously late-addition-hopped –  a brewing technique of adding hops at the end of the boil to benefit mainly from their aroma, while taking away less overall bitterness for the resulting beer’s taste. Made with 65% wheat, and fermented with a traditional hefeweizen yeast, Wag the Wolf is pale gold in colour and hazy. There are notes of banana, clove, papaya, mango and citrus on the nose. The carbonation is lively and the beer is spicy and fruity, with restrained bitterness and a slightly dry finish.

Matt’s Sleepy Time Belgian-style imperial stout is a strong 8% alc./vol., with the roasted, malty character one expects from a stout. The Beau’s brew team added a stylistic twist by fermenting Matt’s Sleepy Time with a blend of Belgian ale yeasts, imparting noticeable fruitiness and mild banana flavours, as well as hinting at a spicy, peppery character not typical of the stout style. The beer offers up tastes of mocha along with dried raisins and figs, as well as hints of vanilla courtesy of the rest on oak staves.

These Wild Oats releases from Beau’s will be available while supplies last. 

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