Beau’s “Golden Vox” beer wins Session Toronto’s Collaboration Nation Award

Toronto, ON –  Beau’s Brewery’s newest beer, Golden Vox, which was launched this past Saturday June 13 at the Session Craft Beer Festival in Toronto, took home the “Collaboration Nation” prize for best collaborative beer of the festival. The beer was conceived and brewed by Beau’s in partnership with Canadian hip hop artist k-os. A multi-award-winning musician himself, k-os was ebullient about his experience working with Beau’s Brewery, making a certified organic — and now award-winning — beer.

Collab Winner


“The word organic is often thrown around as an opposite to what’s seen as artificial. In my opinion, organic has no real opposite because human beings themselves are organic – we are natural creations. From the time I met with the team at Beau’s it was all about making a natural creation; hanging out at their brewery in Vankleek Hill, and going with the beer flavour flow,” he says, and adds: “For our collaboration to win was so surreal, because winning at being natural while having the most fun is my ArtLife fantasy!”

The name Golden Vox is a nod to k-os’ notable music career to-date – and the beer is an imaginative fusion of styles, a rye pale lager. The recipe for this pale-golden beer is a blend of organic rye and barley malts, and features 100% Ontario-grown organic hops. This hybrid beer style blends the citrusy hop character of an American Pale Ale with the spicy elements of rye malt, and adds the signature crisp finish of a lager. Aging on rye-whiskey-soaked oak adds a kiss of subtle complexity to this balanced, 6% ABV beer.


As in past years, the Collaboration Nation winning beer earns itself a shelf space at the LCBO. Beau’s won Collaboration Nation in 2013 with The Tom Green Beer!, and took an honorable mention in 2014 with Margaret Atwood/Graeme Gibson’s MaddAddamites NooBroo.


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