Beau’s re-releases first-ever LCBO Wild Oats Selection: “Dunkel Buck”

Based on a traditional Bavarian wheat beer, this dunkel weizenbock is brewed to be strong and dark, with chocolate and mocha flavours, with hints of clove and banana


VANKLEEK HILL – (Apr. 13, 2015) For a limited engagement this spring, Beau’s Brewery is bringing back their first-ever Wild Oats Series beer released in the LCBO. Dunkel Buck, first brewed in 2011, is once again available in the province’s liquor stores – and unlike in 2011 when only a few hundred cases shipped to a total of 25 stores, Dunkel Buck will be available province-wide at LCBOs this spring.



The beer is a dunkel weizenbock, a strong, dark version of a traditional Bavarian wheat beer. The term “bock” indicates that is was brewed higher in alcohol than a standard interpretation of the weizen style. In a “dunkel” weizenbock the addition of a variety of darker malts produces a beer with rich amber and brown hues.

Beau’s has created more than 50 different beers so far for their Wild Oats Series, which is dedicated to exploring the bold flavours and exciting aromas of challenging styles of beer. Cloudy, dark and unfiltered, Dunkel Buck displays intriguing clove and banana aromas. The flavours follow, adding in a chocolate and mocha undercurrent. The beer finishes dry with a slightly tart spicyness, and the alcohol, at 6.8% ABV, is moderately warming.

Fans of the bock beers of spring can look for Dunkel Buck at their local LCBO beginning this weekend, where a single-serve 600 ml bottle will sell for $7.95. Bottles are also available for purchase direct from the Beau’s Brewery in Vankleek Hill, ON, and in Ottawa through Beau’s beer home delivery service BYBO ( In addition the beer will be available on tap at a selection of craft-friendly restaurants and pubs throughout Ontario. A Québec release of Dunkel Buck is planned for spring as well, but an exact date has yet to be determined.

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