Beau’s Strong Patrick returns to shelves in January

Vankleek Hill, Ontario – Beau’s Brewing Co. has brewed a 2020 edition of Strong Patrick Irish-style red ale. The returning fan favourite from Beau’s has once again been given an extra-special touch of authenticity, as a portion of each batch has been aged in Jameson® Irish Whiskey casks. The partial aging blends in rich accents of wood and warmth to the classic beer style from the Emerald Isle.

Strong Patrick was first brewed by Beau’s in 2012 for St. Patrick’s Day celebrations, and has since become a returning seasonal beer. The partnership with with Jameson® began in 2018. For Brewmaster Matthew O’Hara, using authentic Irish Whiskey casks for aging Beau’s Strong Patrick felt like “a kind of homecoming.” He noted: “Since Strong Patrick’s inception, having the barrel-aged portion reside in Irish whiskey seemed like the ultimate destination to really make good on the dream. I feel like the synergy of the beer and the character of the Jameson® casks is really a special elevation of what we created, and our most ideal version of the beer to date.”

Image Courtesy of Beau’s

The luscious and malty ale pours brilliant red with a creamy head. Its aroma conjures notes of caramel, whiskey, oak, and malts. It has a malty backbone, with a touch of toasty caramel and vanilla, and a mild bitterness to round and balance. It finishes rich and warm. The red hue is a result of the addition of organic roasted barley to the recipe.

Beau’s Strong Patrick will be sold as a Winter Seasonal in 473 ml cans in Ontario and Quebec, with select distribution to other provinces. It is slated to be on shelves beginning Jan. 11, 2020.

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