Beau’s to offer Lug Tread in 355ml cans permanently

Vankleek Hill, Ontario – Beau’s Brewing Co. announced in March that their flagship beer Lug Tread Lagered Ale would be available in a limited run of 355ml cans, marking the first time Beau’s made their beer available in cans. The plan was to roll out cans of Lug Tread for the summer at the LCBO, some grocery chains and at select summer festivals.

“Now that we have a sense of demand, the plan is to always have Lug Tread cans available going forward. The cans of Lug Tread will be sold at LCBO but also The Beer Store, and grocery stores, and other provinces seem eager to bring them in too. So you should be seeing a lot of them around” says Jen Beauchesne, Communications and Media Relationships for Beau’s Brewing Company.

“We originally planned on doing super-limited canning for one or two events that had asked for them this spring and summer. But when word got about that, we heard back from tons of people who it seems had been waiting for this to happen for a long time and were wanting to know when and where they could get them. So we looked into what we could do to get them into LCBOs this summer, and it ramped up from there. I’m pretty excited to be taking Lug Tread cans camping this weekend for the first time, and people are telling us the same kinds of stories, like that they’re happy to have cans at their favourite golf course, or to take to the cottage”.

We also asked Jen if Beau’s would be packaging other beers in 355ml cans, “We’ll want to see how things go with Lug Tread so we can keep up with those sales, right now we aren’t totally sure what to expect and want to make sure we can keep Lug in stock everywhere it’s wanted. Down the road if that’s going smooth and we think we can take more on, we have other year-round beers to take a look at like Full Time IPA, Kissmeyer NPA and Tom Green“.

First brewed in 2006, Lug Tread is Beau’s flagship beer. The 355ml cans join the 4-packs and 8-packs of 600 ml glass bottles available across the province.

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