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Beer Info is listed below.  Whether it is education, associations, organizations, awards or good ole’ beer stuff that may be good to know.


Ontario Craft Brewers: The OCB represent 50+ Craft brewers in Ontario

Beer Canada: Work with their members, governments, stakeholders and the public to improve the marketplace for beer.

Brew ON: BrewON is a logo that indicates that the craft beer or cider you’re drinking is made with authentic Ontario hops.

Drinks Ontario: Drinks Ontario is the provincial trade association representing the interests of manufacturers,  agents,  importers,  marketing groups,  trade offices and distributors of beverage alcohol products in Ontario.

Ontario Hop Growers Association (OHGA):  The OHGA is a not-for-profit association of hop growers, families and enthusiasts who are interested in supporting the growth of the hop industry in Ontario.


Canadian Brewing Awards

Golden Tap Awards

Ontario Brewing Awards

U.S. Open Beer Competition

Beer Supplies

Barn Owl Malt

Clear Valley Hops

Escarpment Laboratories

Ontario Beer Kegs

Toronto Brewing

Beer Weeks

Toronto Beer Week – September

Ontario Craft Beer Week – June

Craft Beer Tastings

Beerology – BeerologyTM offers a range of entertaining and informative beer tasting workshops and dinners, ideal for staff or client appreciation, special occasions or just for fun!

Craft Beer Tastings – They create fun experiences to bring colleagues, teams and friends together over beer. Choose from one of their Guided Tastings, Craft Beer Receptions or Team-Building Workshops, or collaborate with them to create a custom experience.

Ottawa Beer TAP Society – Beer and food pairing events are designed to provide a fun and comfortable social setting in which to enjoy great food and beer and to learn and understand the art behind brewing craft beer and pairing it skillfully with culinary delights.

Craft Brewery Tours

Backyard Beer Tours – Toronto

Brew Donkey – Ottawa Area

Brew Donkey – Kitchener / Waterloo Area

Brew Tours – Toronto Area

Rolling Hops Beer Tours – Toronto

Beer Delivery Resources

Beer Finder

Brewed Today

Ontario Beer Delivery Index


Niagara College Teaching Brewery – Niagara College Teaching Brewery, the centre for beer education in the Niagara Peninsula and the first fully licensed teaching brewery in Canada.

Prud’homme Beer Certification – Prud’homme Beer Certification®a sommelier style program for beer and one of the few such programs in the world.

Thirst for Knowledge – They are expert consultants in beer and provide a variety of services that will enhance your company or your event.


The Growler


Open Sourced Recipes


Halo Brewery

Organizations / Clubs

Barley’s Angels Toronto Chapter

Barley’s Angels Ottawa Chapter

Barley’s Angels London Chapter

Canadian Amateur Brewers Association

London Homebrewers Guild

Northern Ontario Brewers Alliance

Society of Beer Drinking Ladies

South Etobicoke Brewers


Bar Towel Radio

Beau’s Podcast

Ontario Brewers Podcast

Sounds Like Beer

Toronto Beer Podcast

Provincial Information

Growing Hops in Ontario – information related to commercial hop production covering such topics as hop production basics, pest management, business and marketing, meetings and educational days and other related subjects.

Ontario beer manufacturers, microbrewers and brands A list of Ontario beer manufacturers, including microbreweries, and their beer brands.

Ontario Ministry of Finance Beer and Wine Tax

Websites Promoting Craft Beer

Bar Towel

Beer Sisters

Beers In The Six

Ben’s Beer Blog

Brew Ha Ha

Brew Scout

Canadian Beer News

Drunk Polkaroo

Great Canadian Beer Blog

Ontario Beer Jobs

Ottawa Beer Events

St. John’s Wort

Stephen Beaumont

Thirsty Wench

Toronto Beer Blog

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