Bellwoods to Release Motley Cru Beer on April 6th

Toronto, Ontario – Bellwoods Brewery has announced the details and release date for the Motley Cru Barrel Blend 2014. 

Motley Cru is an IPA aged in barrels with Brett for just over 14 months, transferred to a fermentor, dry-hopped with a healthy does of Citra and Mosaic, before conditioning in the bottle with fresh champagne yeast for another 2 months. Given the long-term aging that the beer went through over most of 2013, it has emerged deeply oaky in both its aroma and flavour, exhibiting bold vanillins and tannins. It’s extended affair with Brett contributes soft smoke and cherry flavours, and a characteristic dryness. And yet, the dry-hopping applied another, strangely complimentary layer to the beer, imparting intense aromatics of fresh lychee and fuzzy peaches. The resulting Cru is beautifully juicy, with a bright orange colour, thick mousse-like head, and muted bitterness.

Motley Cru Barrel Blend 2014 will be released in Bellwoods Bottle Shop on their anniversary, Sunday April 6th @ 12 noon. Bottles are $13, with a limit of 4 p/p. There are around 1000 bottles in existence.

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