Blue Mountain Lager from Thornbury Beverage Company now available at the Brewery

Nobleton, Ontario – Blue Mountain Lager from the Thornbury Beverage Company is available in 473ml cans at their Nobleton brewery just in time for Thanksgiving weekend.  This new beer is the first new release for the newly re-branded Thornbury Beverage Company.

Blue-Mountain-LagerBlue Mountain Lager

FLAVOUR CHARACTERISTICS: A golden lager, inspired by the light of the morning sun rising over Georgian Bay striking the famous Blue Mountains behind our historic beverage production facility in Thornbury, Ontario. This special beer is brewed in the most popular and common beer style in Bavaria, the “Munich Helles”. This style now a century old, is regarded by many as the absolute pinnacle of brewing science and art.

Easily distinguishable from a pilsner, Helles has a muted hop character and soft malty accent. Though slightly tilted towards the malt, this is a well-balanced beer. It offers the spicy, herbal aroma of German hops at restrained levels, and enough bitterness in the finish to dry the palate. The clean finish is, of course, a product of carefully selected bottom-fermented yeast and extensive lagering. This is sessionable craft beer designed to please a broad audience in all seasons.

FOOD PAIRINGS: Thornbury Blue Mountain Lager pairs well with a wide variety of foods; salads, seafood and pork, in addition to spicy Asian, Cajun and Latin foods. Soft, mild cheeses, including goat cheese and mozzarella.

COUNTRY OF ORIGIN: Canada MALT: Pilsner Malt HOPS: Hallertauer Hops ALCOHOL/VOLUME: 4.8%

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