Brew Donkey temporarily halts tours in response to rising COVID-19 cases

Ottawa, Ontario – Brew Donkey, Ottawa’s first and only brewery tour service, is halting in-person tour operations for the next three weeks. This closure will affect tour tickets booked between now and October 25th, 2020.  

“Having to close your business temporarily is a tough decision to make. To have to make it twice in two years is even harder”, says owner/operator, Brad Campeau. In March, Brew Donkey put tours on hold in response to provincial and municipal lockdown measures. On July 24th, 2020, Brew Donkey began touring again with a strict new set of approved policies in place.

“Our guests and destination partners are working perfectly together to respect health guidelines, better than we could have expected. With the new restrictions, though, we can’t in good conscience run our tours at this time,” adds Brad Campeau. The existing safety protocols in place include back-to-front boarding, 2 meters between bubbles, and guests wearing masks while on buses at all times. The new restriction that is a cause for concern for the company is ‘limiting socializing to your household.’ Brew Donkey tours are social experiences, and groups often come together to explore with social bubbles, regularly made up of multiple households. At this time, that experience would require the company to allow guests to join against local health officials’ advice. The company will reassess in 3 weeks based on the guidance of local health officials. 

The company has plans to stay busy during the temporary closure. Brew Donkey celebrates seven years in business this November and is planning seven weekly virtual events, starting November 8th, 2020. These events will be virtual beer halls with beer delivered to customers’ homes. Brew Donkey will host the innovative beer halls on a custom online platform that mimics the craft bar scene. Links to the events will be posted later this week on Brew Donkey’s website. 

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