Brewmaster Ryan Morrow to focus solely on Collective Arts Brewing

Hamilton, Ontario – Brewmaster Ryan Morrow has announced via his social media that he will be stepping away from Nickel Brook Brewing and focusing his time solely with Collective Arts Brewing.

Image Courtesy of the LCBO

Read Ryan’s full statement below as per his Instagram account on February 19th.

Personal Statement
This is a very bittersweet moment, but today I must announce that the coming weeks will be my last with Nickel Brook. I thank John, Tracey, Peter, Sandra and the entire Nickel Brook family, both past and present, for a truly amazing 10+ years. It’s been a wild, crazy ride and we have all grown tremendously together. We had a helluva lot of fun along the way too! I’ll always feel like a member of the Nickel Brook family and will continue to support them as they do great things in the future. As I move onto the next stage in my life and career, I will be devoting my focus and energy with Collective Arts and Collective Project. I’m very excited and look forward to all the amazing things that we at Collective have left to achieve!

Also in 2019 Collective Arts takes full ownership of the Arts & Science Brewery in Hamilton which Nickel Brook and Collective Arts shared up until this year as a joint brewing facility.

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