Canada’s Prud’homme Beer Certification® Changes Direction in 2020

Toronto, Ontario – Prud’homme Beer Certification® is Canada’s leading beer education program and is now becoming distinctively more Canadian.

“This year has reminded us of our great love for this country, our need to increasingly support local and our incredible Canadian brewing industry. Every aspect of Prud’homme Beer Certification® has been carefully thought out to reflect Canadian standards in education, the beer industry in Canada and the inclusivity and thoughtfulness that Canada is known for” says Roger Mittag, founder of Prudhomme Beer Certification®.

“We are now taking the strategic steps to become even more Canadian beer focused” added Mittag.  “Canadian brewers are making exceptional beers and we want to showcase how these beers fit into global style standards.  Canadian beers will take a lead role in all levels of the program.”

“In keeping with our Canadian focus, we have also changed our logos to include the Maple Leaf in order to entrench Prud’homme Beer Certification® in the hearts of Canadian beer drinkers and industry professionals.” concluded Mittag.

Prud’homme Beer Certification® was created in 2009 by Thirst For Knowledge Inc.® and is the world’s first, multi-level beer education program. This comprehensive beer education course has something to offer everyone from the beer aficionado to the hospitality and brewery professional. Prud’homme graduates now own breweries, design draught systems, manage successful hospitality locations and write about beer for national publications. To learn more or enroll please visit:

About Thirst For Knowledge Inc.Thirst For Knowledge Inc®. is a Canadian pioneer in beer education and has delivered face-to-face beer education to thousands of beer enthusiasts since 2005. Please visit for more information.

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