Collective Arts Brewery to start producing cannabis-infused drinks

Hamilton, Ontario – The Star has reported that Collective Arts Brewing is branching out into the cannabis beverage market with the launch of a sister company.

“As we look at this changing landscape and the opening up of the cannabis industry, we see it as a unique opportunity to be a category innovator,” Matt Johnston, CEO and co-founder, said Monday.

The plan is for new sister company Collective Project Limited and a yet-to-be-named U.S. partner to produce and sell cannabis- and hemp-infused drinks domestically and south of the border.

Just exactly what Collective Project Limited will produce will be the subject of much exploration between now and October, but a suite of products could include beer, cider, coffee and tea, Johnston said.

Beverages could be infused with THC, the psychoactive ingredient in pot, or CBD, the non-intoxicating component used in therapeutic oils.

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