Cool Beer reduces a Buck-a-Beer to long weekends only

Toronto, Ontario – Cool Brewery is committed to being the most affordable, award-winning, easy drinking beer in Ontario. Cool intends to continue selling their award-winning Cool 4-packs of Blonde Lager for a Buck-a-Beer every long weekend. Even when Cool is not being sold for a buck a bottle, it will still be the most affordable beer in Ontario at $1.25 a bottle. 

“We are the only brewery in Ontario to continue selling beer for a buck since Premier Ford’s announcement to make beer more affordable,” says Bobby Crecouzos, Founder and CEO of Cool Brewery. “We continue to win awards for our Cool Lager, and we are proud to help beer drinkers save money, and enjoy great beer.”

Cool has been selling beer for a buck in selected LCBO and Beer Stores across southern Ontario, and at their on-site retail outlet. “The LCBO and The Beer Store have been very supportive. We’ve been selling everything we can make,” says Kevin Meens, Corporate Development Officer at Cool. “We need to take our price to $1.25 a bottle starting February 11th so we can continue to sustain our Buck-a-Beer pricing for holiday long-weekends. Our 4 Beers for $5 Bucks pricing still makes Cool the most affordable beer in Ontario,” added Meens.

Since selling beer for a buck, Cool’s output has grown significantly. “Selling more beer means creating more jobs. While there is a hit to the bottom line, this opportunity will (hopefully) generate a discussion with government about reducing the high fees and taxes on beer, and finding ways to make beer more affordable in Ontario,” said Meens. Cool is hoping the government will look into modifying provincial pricing legislation to allow breweries the opportunity to sell their beer (for less) at their brewery. “Every day our customers ask why they can’t buy Cool Beer cheaper when they buy direct from the brewery,” said Kevin. In addition to on-site pricing, small brewers are also interested in the opportunity to sell each other’s beers at their on-site retail outlets.  “There are over 150 on-site brewery retail outlets across Ontario. Allowing these stores to sell each others’ beers will increase traffic and tourism to the breweries, create more jobs, and make beer more affordable for consumers,” added Kevin.

Cool has helped over 30 craft breweries get started in Ontario, and has brewed over 75 craft beers for various breweries under contract.

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