Cowbell Brewing Co. Launches Rosé Dry Cider Made in Small Batches with 100% Ontario Apples

Blyth, Ontario – Cowbell Brewing Co. has launched its new Rosé Dry Cider at LCBOs, grocery stores, and restaurants across Ontario. Recognized for its premium craft beer lineup, Cowbell’s new cider is dry, crisp, and refreshing. Cowbell’s Rosé Dry Cider is crafted in small batches from a blend of specially selected, fresh-pressed Ontario apples and fermented with French Saison yeast to contribute delicate fruit and wine notes. It’s also steeped on hibiscus petals to impart subtle floral notes and soft pink tones. 

President and Chief Executive Officer Randy Powell says, “This delicious cider is an important next step in our journey to becoming Ontario’s leading Craft Beverage Alcohol provider. Fresh Ontario apples deliver bright, fruity aromas and a brilliant apple character from start to thirst-quenching finish. It goes perfectly with fish tacos, ceviche, or a Greek salad, but I think I will enjoy it most with family and friends on my deck at the cottage.” 

According to Powell, the company’s innovation pipeline is filled with new and exciting Cowbell Ready-To-Drink Beverages and Premium Craft Beer styles, such as their new Sea Salt Grapefruit Sour and Chocolate Coffee Porter. All products at the Cowbell General Store, including the new Rosé Dry Cider, are available online at and can be shipped anywhere in Ontario right to your door. Orders $55 and over ship for free. 

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