Forked River Brewing honouring highland regiments with a Porter

London, Ontario РForked River Brewing honouring highland regiments with a new Porter РBlack Watch Porter.  You are able to pick up this new 5.2% porter in a 500ml bottle at the brewery.

Forked River - Black Watch

The oldest highland regiment in Canada, they have served Canada and the Empire at home and abroad since 1862. No one harms them with impunity. We’re honouring them, and the other highland regiments with our new porter.

My grandfather served in the Lorne Scots regiment in WWII, and wore the same tartan proudly. I’ll raise a glass to the man I never met and to the Lorne Scots Regiment on their 150th anniversary and toast them with Black Watch. This porter has a gentle, chocolately roast character, a medium body, and just enough aftertaste to blend perfectly with your pub foods, such as fish and chips, burgers and fries, and Shepherd’s Pie.

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