Formosa Springs Brewery Partners with Local Beekeeper for new Seasonal Beer

Formosa, Ontario – Formosa Springs Brewery Inc., (“Formosa Springs Brewery” or the “Company”) one of Canada’s oldest and most historic Breweries, announced that they are launching their first new seasonal beer using local ingredients.

“Formosa Honey Brown Lager is crafted with premium barley, hops and of course, 100% pure Formosa Springs water” said Doug Campbell, Production Manager for Formosa Springs Brewery. “Fresh local honey directly from beehives right here in our own backyard is added; the result is a delicate full-flavoured amber lager that’s wonderfully balanced from beginning to end” added Campbell.

“Using local ingredients not only emphasizes this beers story, character and heart, but we like to think you’re also getting just a small taste of what this great region has to offer. ” added Sean Dennis, Director of Sales and Marketing for Formosa Springs Brewery.

Available now and just in time for the May 2-4 long week-end, Formosa Honey Brown Lager is only available at the Formosa Springs Brewery Retail Store located in Formosa and will be $14.95 for a 6 pack.

Brewery Retail Store hours are Thursday to Saturday 11am to 6pm and
Sunday 11am to 4pm.

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