Haliburton Highlands Brewing to Open in Summer of 2014

HALIBURTON, Ontario (February 12, 2014)  –  Haliburton Highlands Brewing is pleased to announce its entry into the Ontario craft beer market and the growing local food scene in Haliburton County.  Haliburton Highlands Brewing intends to produce a range of handcrafted beers incorporating local ingredients beginning in the summer of 2014, once the required licensing and approval process is complete.

Haliburton Highlands Brewing will be located at Abbey Gardens in West Guilford.  Abbey Gardens is committed to helping develop a sustainable local food network within the Highlands and Haliburton Highlands Brewing is thrilled to be the first commercial operation to locate within the Abbey Gardens complex.

“We are excited to brew handcrafted quality beer here in the Highlands, and especially to be working together with Abbey Gardens”, said Michael Schiedel-Webb, head brewer, Haliburton Highlands Brewing.  “Abbey Gardens’ objectives and operating principles and our vision and goals for Haliburton Highlands Brewing are deeply aligned.  We look forward to contributing to the robust local food network in the Highlands.“

Haliburton Highlands Brewing and Abbey Gardens are committed to working together to establish sustainable and complementary operations.   Abbey Gardens will compost spent grains that result from the brewing process to augment the production of soil for the gardens.  In addition, the production facility will incorporate a closed-loop system to recycle the cooling water used in the production process.  This will significantly reduce the amount of waste water produced by the brewery.

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